“There’s No Such Thing As Done”

This week’s classes were all about the AV.

For our first mini project, we played with a few different computer programs to create a short video. We learned some basics of Audacity, an audio recording and editing program, in order to mash up two songs and record/tweak our own voices. We worked with GIMP, a photo editing suite along the lines of Photoshop, to make a logo, a poster, and alter photos. Finally, we took our audio and video creations and mixed them up to make a movie! I used Windows Movie Maker rather than iMovie simply to avoid the headache of dealing with file incompatibilities between my lovely little PC and the classroom Macs.

What tonight taught me:

1. Plan ahead.  All of my personal music files were not in the format that Audacity uses, so I had to spend precious minutes converting the files to the right format. If I’d poked around Audacity a little more beforehand, I’d have known to convert the files in advance.

2. Sometimes serendipity wins the day. As I was mashing my songs together, I had a general sense of how long my video was going to be, but I hadn’t timed things down to the second or anything. Coincidentally, my movie switches to dark clouds *just* as the thunder crash happens in my song mash-up. I mean…um…I totally planned that.

3. There’s no such thing as done. In a maker space, anyway, according to our teacher. While in some respects, this is frustrating to the side of me that likes a neat and tidy ending to things, it’s kind of freeing. Keeping your project open ended means that you can come back to it later, change it, remix it, use part of it in something else, or destroy it. And all of those are okay–you learn from every new thing that you try, even if it doesn’t turn out as you might have planned.

On that note, I had planned to share my video, but I’d like to add a few more bits to it first. However, I will show you the fruits of my photo editing labor–Bring out the GIMP!


This little beauty took merging two layers, doing a lot of cloning, erasing, and smudging work in the background, and creating the pirate “map” with a textured fill. It’s beginners’ work, but I’m pretty proud. Old Hooky here is shaking his fist at an escaping vessel off of Cannon Beach, Oregon. 80’s movie aficionados may recognize the haystack rocks in the background–maybe that escaping ship has some rich stuff on it?

I’ll post the finished product soon–just like Goonies, Makers never say die.