Hitting a Brick Wall of Doubt and Dismay

Well, my lamp design may be totally crazy after all. I can’t pretend I’m not disappointed; I thought it was a neat idea. I’m beginning to doubt that I have any of the knowledge that I need to create the project that I want to create. I knew frustration was inevitable, because I know nothing about wiring. Really. I can change a bulb, but I remember little to nothing about circuits from school. Kids, learn this stuff early! I took biology and chemistry, not physics, and I was never a kid who played with circuitry kits.

However: I’m determined to soldier on! I may have to change my approach. I still want to use my circular design, but I’m going to salvage what random pieces I can from a surplus store and Frankenstein my way into a new design. I’m also going to play with items that I already have around the house, like old Christmas lights, to see if another option might be to repurpose and recycle old stuff. The pillowcases I bought are also far too large for my purposes. I can still use them as pillowcases (never hurts to have extra), but I think that I will check remnant bins or thrift stores for the covering that I need. A child’s T-shirt might be just the thing.

I haven’t completely given up on the original plan, but it may take a lot of help and time. Unfortunately, with a busy schedule (even in summer!), time is something I don’t have a lot of.

So, to be continued…I’ll update soon with the results of my salvage operations.


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